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Jessica Bahr, MA, LMFTA

As a couples and family therapist, I value my ability to treat a wide range of client systems and presenting problems. My approach is grounded in narrative theory, which understands reality to be socially constructed—each of us experiences reality in a unique way based on our own backgrounds, values, and previous experiences. We all want our perceived reality to be witnessed and validated. I am honored to be that witness, to hold a non-judgmental, attuned, and welcoming space for all of your stories and for all of who you are. Sometimes we develop a reality that helps us survive, but later on actually hurts us. As a therapist, I enjoy helping people explore, re-work, and write new stories in a way that is more affirming, aligned, and that helps them feel safe.


I value intersectionality, feminist theory, and attachment theory in my approach. I welcome all members of the LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and other marginalized communities. I also have training in integrating spirituality into therapy upon client request. This can include negotiating your religious beliefs with that religion’s homophobic, patriarchal, misogynistic, or otherwise oppressive stances, and finding a way to practice in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. 


Commitment to Anti-Oppression and Accountability

As a white therapist, it is my personal and ethical duty to stand with my BIPOC clients and with marginalized communities as a whole. Part of my work is unlearning harmful principles and sources of privilege that I have absorbed by being raised in a white supremacist culture. My personal anti-racism practices include continuing to read, educate myself, take classes, make donations, and participate in an Accountability Group for White Therapists. Therapy was created to serve the needs of middle-class white men, and it is my responsibility as your therapist to modify those ideals to suit your needs. If you have further questions or feel I have committed any micro- or macro-aggressions, I invite you to get in contact with me so I can acknowledge this and take responsibility. I continually monitor myself for these transgressions, but I also recognize I make mistakes as well.

Education and Experience

Seattle University // Class of 2021

         Master of Arts in Couples and Family Therapy

           COAMFTE Accredited Program

Lori Kimmerly Therapy // 2019-2021

         Marriage & Family Therapy Intern

Resonant Relationships // 2020-2021

         Marriage & Family Therapy Intern

University of Washington // Class of 2017

         Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Seattle Institute of Sex Therapy, Education, and         Research // 2016-2017

         Data Entry Volunteer

The Healing Center // 2015-2017

         Youth Grief Group Facilitator

Professional Associations:

AAMFT Member

         Since 2018

WAMFT Member

         Since 2018

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