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Online Therapy for Emotional and Mental Health

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Telehealth is safe, convenient, and effective.


Jessica Bahr

Jessica Bahr Counseling, PLLC is a LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC friendly space

I believe that meaningful change is possible within the therapy process. I believe that you already possess everything that you need within yourself, and with intentional effort, focus, and compassionate support, you can successfully experience change and meet your goals. Therapy isn’t an easy fix for any problem. There’s work to be done to heal, grow, or change, and that work needs to be done by you… but that doesn’t mean you need to do it alone.


Let's face it: being a human is tough right now. Whether you're struggling with the pandemic, mental illness, loss, relationship problems, or something else, it can be hard to accept what you're feeling, and even harder to accept that those feelings are probably normal reactions to strange circumstances. I strive to provide a safe space for you to dive deep within yourself and your healing in order to cultivate a level of self-compassion that will guide you through challenges. I want to explore with you how your strengths and resilience, as well as your pain and trauma, make up your life story.


I enjoy working with youth from ages 4-18! Young people today are dealing with so much: pandemic stress, frequent changes, adjusting to online school, not getting to see friends... 

the list goes on. And this is all on top of the normal challenges of being a kid! These stressors can lead to anxiety, depression, family conflict, acting-out behaviors, and much more. Therapy can be a powerful tool for helping your child feel like someone is on their side and understands what they are going through.


In any relationship, conflicts are bound to come up at some point. Issues that may have been able to be swept under the rug before the pandemic are now much less likely to be hidden away. Often, conflict is a result of needs going unmet. Learning how to understand your partner's needs is the first step toward meeting them, and their needs may be totally different than yours. We are all raised differently and expect our needs to be met in different ways, and that's okay! Therapy can be helpful in learning to accept your partner's differences, and recognizing and acknowledging their efforts to understand yours.

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